I believe passionately that we can create a better, fair and inspiring world through curiosity, design, compassion and technology.

I also believe that changemakers are the ones who -most of all- can have a profound and positive impact on other people’s lives.

These are people who create great products through sincere compassion and interest in their needs, a strong vision of what should be and creative determination to make it happen. It is my mission to make sure you succeed.

Great ideas make the world shine, at least for a moment. They inspire, they lift us above our daily struggles and they make us smile. Isn’t that what we do it for? It is for me.

Do I have all the answers? Maybe not. All the ideas? I have lots, and so do you, but together we probably have better ones. Do I have all the experience in your market? Not necessarily.

But I ask the right questions and I challenge you with the right ideas. And I keep an eye on the clock at the same time. Where necessary, I scale up through my network to contribute to the process.

When you work with me, your challenge becomes my challenge. My hands get dirty, just like yours.

My mission is to make you be a better changemaker.
Have an impact for the better
Being a changemaker, you are in a position to change people's lives. That is an amazing responsibility. Make sure it matters.
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This is Combustic

Combustic drives creative projects.

Passionate, committed and curious people make the difference in the world. People are sensitive to solutions that offer real value. We live in a time where creativity has the power to change lives.

My mission is to make you a better changemaker.

Like Miles Davis said:

"Don't play what is there. Play what is not there."