Changemakers make the world a better place. They cross borders, build connections and imagine the new. They create products and services that make our lives easier. Welcome, changemaker.

What I love about today is that most of us are changemakers. Whether you are an entrepreneur, founder, ceo, manager, developer, designer or researcher, you are creating customer value.

My mission is to make your life easier.
Don't play what's there. Play what is not there.
Miles Davis

I keep changemakers focused, inspired and curious, so they...

focus on cocreation, not on the process,

and create great solutions.

find opportunities faster,

A succesful businessmodel depends on a customer value proposition developed for the right customer segment, done with efficiency, focus and imagination. I create the right setting for optimal creative cocreation between team members, partners, and customers. I make sure my clients find the customer insights they need and I supply creative thinking and capabilities for an optimal outcome.

Insight gathering & opportunity finding

helps you to uncover new or better ways to deliver value to your customers.

Customer development

focuses on creating a value proposition (the products, services and the way they are delivered) based on customer insights and a business model to support it.

Concept development

means a larger solution space, faster iteration speed and focus on the quality of ideas so your ideas become as powerful as they can be. I develop ideas with you, create compelling visualisations and mockups to test concepts.

If you are a changemaker,

Then customer development is your game.

Let me tell you a bit more about why I care about changemakers and what they do.

I love to work for changemakers. They are the people who create the value that customers want and buy. They make the products nobody wants to ignore. They elevate our lives. That value is defined by the products, services and care received by customers.

Value creation, or customer development, is the creative process in which innovating organizations, startups or individual changemakers figure out the best way to serve customers.

So changemakers need to do things like gaining user insights, finding opportunities, creating and protoyping ideas and developing great solutions that customers want and buy.

Customers love organisations that are clearly engaged with their needs and that have gone out of their way to give them solutions that are great.

If you are a changemaker, you need to be the best you can be. Because it matters.

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My name is Casper Koomen. I live and work in the Netherlands. I am a serial creative thinker. I love to put fire into people’s minds and challenge thinking. I facilitate creativity and I brainstorm. I visualise ideas and a I create prototypes. I am a public speaker about creativity, cocreation and open design.

I am community manager for Sensemakers Netherlands. I started Apps For The Planet. I cocreate for GaveDingenDoen and I am Deputy Mayor and active member of Appsterdam.

I work for high-tech & consumer oriented startups, SME’s, multinationals and government on complex & creative innovation challenges. I manage the creative process, I develop concepts and business models.

Most of the time, I sit side by side with my client at the table hunkering down on a new idea and figuring out how to make their business deliver greater and better value to their customers.

A few examples

Lean app development for sustainability

Smartphones and apps are such a powerful platform. Imagine people being empowered by apps to do what they need to do and act on things they believe in. Now imagine what that could do for sustainability.

From that thought, Apps For The Planet was born. We brought a mixed group (big believer in heterogeneous groups!) of designers, developers, sustainability pros, concept thinkers and business minds together. For two days, they worked in an open, highly energized atmosphere to create (prototypes of) apps for a better planet.
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Cocreating for air quality

In the fall of 2011, a group of technologists called Sensemakers came together for the first time at De Waag in Amsterdam. They were there to brainstorm about air quality. More specifically, how citizens can be empowered to become more involved with air quality in their own neighborhoods.

This spread to NYC, London and Madrid and after a successful Kickstarter project, the AirQualityEgg was cocreated by a large and highly motivated group of people who had never worked together. Concept, design, software, hardware. All open source. Go check out the website.

A process like this is driven by a shared goal and made possible by open source, DIY electronics, maker culture and cocreation.
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Have an impact
Being a changemaker, you are in a position to change people's lives. That is an amazing responsibility. Make sure it matters.
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My mission is to make you a better changemaker.

Like Miles Davis said:

"Don't play what is there. Play what is not there."